CELISO is a consulting specialized in enabling and supporting teams that are stuck or operating below their potential to transform to exceed expectations. 

We do this by applying the most advanced leadership development and transformation techniques and embed them with your processes and long-term objectives. 

While our clients focus on their business, we take care of the team transformation for them.

Our business model allows minimizing for our clients the financial risk of engaging with consultants while maximizing the chance of deeply transforming the resources and ensure that the teams are ready to solve the future challenges. Read more about the "Satisfied Coaching Policy"

Transformation Integration
Integrating Transformation within your organizations' processes and objectives.

Tranformation Integration


Team Transformation
Identify the Immunities to Change and guide your teams to embrace the change.

Team Transformation

Satisfaction Guarantee
Our Business models allow minimizing the financial risks of engaging a consultant.

Satisfaction Guarantee