About us

CELISO Tech was founded in 2013 by Renzo Pellandini. 
The company's main mission is to provide both business and HR support to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) engaging in Taiwan.
The company addresses some critical deficiencies in Taiwan in the following ways:
  • Local Taiwanese SMEs:
    • Support in bridging cultural gaps in business
    • Business development support
    • HR: people development, personalized coaching and seminars & seminars

  • Overseas SMEs planning to deploy in Taiwan:
    • Business development support
    • New product introduction support
    • Support in bridging cultural divides in business
    • HR: local human resource development, personalized coaching and seminars
CELISO Tech believes that Taiwanese businesses are not tapping into their full potential

Taiwan's liberal and reliable business ecosystem enables SMEs to grow and expand. 
Our service enhances the potential to further extend their success.