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Business development

In Taiwan, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) make up over 95% of industry. Typically, Taiwanese SMEs have limited resources for and experience in understanding overseas markets and customer mentality. Most 
tend to focus on the domestic market as a result of this weakness, which prevents them from breaking into larger markets.

Similarly, new and established foreign SMEs in Taiwan face two kinds of dilemma:
  1. Cost: long- or medium-term assignments in Asia have proven to be very expensive cost centers. 
  2. Cultural barriers: deploying expats or local managers comes with a long learning curve in terms of understanding either the local market, or the mentality and processes of the overseas headquarters.
Given the current global financial situation, many companies are reducing costs, despite the risk that this could have a serious impact on performance.

CELISO Tech provides the skills and market know-how to address the business development needs of SMEs. 
Using a consultant approach, CELISO Tech offers services to SMEs that remove the need to deploy an expat on an overseas assignment, while still providing the expertise and professionalism that international companies demand.