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People development

With many years of experience in Chinese-speaking Asia, the CELISO Tech team has a keen insight into the pros and cons of local industry. While Taiwan's industrial machine is excellent in terms of execution and production, a number of weaknesses persist that limit its human potential. Most SMEs are run using very old-fashioned managerial styles, which prevents the development of some crucial attributes among workers here:
  • Positivity
  • Creativity
  • Proactivity
Despite its impressive track record in execution and production, there is a dearth of new product success stories in Taiwan.

This can often be attributed to insufficient  investment in instilling a creative and proactive work mentality in people. 

The extensive experience that CELISO Tech has built up over the years allows it to successfully coach and mentor local individuals and cross-functional team members.

CELISO Tech has a Kolbe Certified Consultant in the team supporting individuals and teams to discover their instinctive drives that each one of us has "hardwired" inside. The Consultant further supports individuals and team understand the potential, but also impact our striving instincts can have with partners or team members. 

We strongly believe in Taiwan's potential.

We strongly believe in Taiwan's potential.