Our solutions

Solutions tailored to the customer needs.
Business development

What we offer:
  • Market analysis and "Go-to-Market" strategies
  • Creation of appealing business model strategies
  • Extensive experience in the electronic segment, working with both OEM and ODM
  • Broad knowledge of business development and adapting business models to suit regional requirements
People development

What we offer:
  • Extensive experience developing teams and individuals in Asia with our hallmark coaching techniques
    • Boost productivity by getting people to take ownership of their jobs
    • One-on-one coaching sessions to address specific needs or interests.
  • Seminars and presentations on efficiency and time management
See some examples of custom tools used for people development. 
Bridging the gap

What we offer:
  • Creation of compelling reports and proposals to properly promote ideas and concepts
  • Analysis of requirements and requests to prevent cultural misunderstandings and other issues
  • Extensive multicultural exposure in Asia, Central Europe and South America.Broad experience in bridging the gap between local teams and headquarters/R&D sites, and between local customers and headquarters/R&D site