Your Success is our Interest.

Unlike other conventional consulting business models CELISO strongly beliefs that each development activity should be tightly linked to the success of your business activity. Equally the consulting costs are directly linked to the success of the intervention.

Leadership and team development without a clear business scope is like pedaling a bike without the chain. It doesn't generate movement!

Defining the Desired State & Needs

Did you ever step back and consider where you are now and where you want to go with your team?

Any development activity should always start with a deep reflection about the long term ambitions (strategic plan) and the relevant developments required to get there.

Understanding the need of the team and required skills is the initial step to define a development project.

Identifying Objectives & Time-frame

The real challenge when setting up development projects is related to defining a measurable objective that defines the success criteria. In CELISO we believe that development projects shouldn't have "additional" KPI, but rather we believe that each development initiative and project should be tightly linked to a strategic business initiative and objective.

The definition and agreement of such strategic objective is one of the first and most crucial milestones during the development process. The clarity and transparency of the objective is critical for the success of the project.

Clear Cost Control

We are very conscious that investing in people is often not seen as the top priority in organizations.

One of the main reasons is the skepticism that developing people will really achieve results. For this reason CELISO is proposing the Protected Service Business model that secures the client from project creep and provides the flexibility to keep a clear cost control over the length of the project.

CELISO's engagement process allows to tailor the development activities based on the business objectives and needs of the teams and individuals. We don't believe in off-the-self solutions, since our client's challenges are generally unique and specific.

From process optimization, to conflict facilitation and leadership soft skills, CELISO provides a wide set of tools, methods and strategies designed to achieve the most out of our client's teams.

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