We help local startups develop and grow an organization capable of creating a product that stands out from the crowd and meets the global market needs. By amplifying the lean organizational practices, improving the capability of the team to handle complex and conflicting situations and by building strategic plans that stick, we ensure that the organization matures together with the product and maintains an agile and innovative mindset, capable to delivery high quality and reliable products and services.


The goal of lean tools is to find better ways to do things: requiring less effort, less time, and fewer resources. Within a Startup environment, the team often operate without processes, nevertheless it is essential to grow and build up a lean mindset allowing to manage the team and the activity efficiently.


One of the top 5 reasons for failing startup is related insufficient or missing strategic planning. The team progress frantically creating a product or service without a clear mid and long term link to each ongoing action. A strategic plan that sticks is providing a simple and direct link between long term ambitions and current actions.


Often great products and services fail in the market place because of insufficient or missing value proposition and business model analysis. A well structured value proposition and business model defines the narrative that will convince the market of the value of your solutions.

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